Assorted trinkets that we use, maybe it has a deeper meaning we do not know. Therefore, we just think that is an ordinary object but we can find many objects that used by old people as their fetish or sacred objects. Many things associated with these object and most often with religion. We can find out that many objects used for religious purposes and it also can be a trinket. One of these is Buddhist malas. Buddhist mala is commonly used in Buddhist worship but with the development of the time, it also used as beads. It also different with other beads because it has a form of a small bead. Not only in the teachings of buddha but in Moslem and Hindu the beads also used at pray. Many advantages from the beads in addition to the embellishment and the worship. We can give it to our friends or our partner as a gift. Not all people easy to find Buddhist malas because it is not sold in all countries and we also have a different shape from one country to another.

Buddhist mala became popular among teenagers because it has a beautiful shape if wearing on the wrist or on the neck. Easy to wear and remove is another advantage from Buddhist mala. Usually, people will be lazy to use trinkets that difficult to wear and remove. With Buddhist mala we only need encircling it in wrist or neck and then it will be installed. So, Buddhist mala is a new trend for teenagers that can add the style on them. You can find the online store that sold this Buddhist mala. One Mind Dharma is on of the online store that sold Buddhist mala and you can see the detail of Buddhist mala on One Mind Dharma. Many uses of Buddhist mala that you can know if you read the One Mind Dharma home page.

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