booking life in the uk test

Can you imagine how it is felt to be a human being in this big world without having a citizenship? Some of you may ask what the problem is with not being a member of a state or a country and not having a citizenship. Well, if so, then you might still do not know how miserable it would be to live without being a citizen of a country.b1 english test for citizenship

Formerly, to be able to be a citizen of a country, it did not only take some common requirements which could be easily obtained for one to fulfil the requirements applied right now. There were some requisites which people nowadays would relate it with being sexist, racist and ignorant because they were more related to sensible aspects such as skin colour, ethnicity, the status of being free or not being a slave and even sex. So, if a person had a different colour for the skin and was attached to another person to be his or her slave, then it could be made assured that he was not a member of a country and did not give a citizenship.

Fortunately, the requirements now have been made easier as they are not related to the mentioned aspects above. The UK is one of the countries which can grant any migrant a citizenship as long as he or she can fulfil its requirements, one of which is taking a B1 English test. This test or examination is done to help the government select the right candidates to be the country’s new citizens.

You might as well ask why there should be an English test to apply for a citizenship. The answer is because as the language used in the country is English, then anyone who lives in it has to be able to speak the language in order to live properly. Therefore, the UK government demands all applicants to pass this test before being permitted to live in the UK.