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This time, The Dentist San Francisco want to share with you a little bit of history about dental care. Nowadays, people commonly use a toothbrush to clean their teeth and a mouthwash to make sure their entire mouth clean and fresh. But do you know how people from ancient civilization clean their mouth daily? Back in those days, there was no toothbrush or mouthwash. So they use a wooden twig to clean their teeth called miswak.

First recorded usage of miswak is dated 1.400 years ago in Arabic countries. Miswak used in ancient Arabic civilization to clean their mouth and decrease the unwanted smell coming from the human mouth. It is known as the first way to clean human mouth from the remnants of food, bacteria, and plaque. Because it is natural and contain no artificial chemical in it, some people still prefer to use it even today. Maybe it will be very rare for you to find people that still using it. But maybe in Arabic countries, you will still find some people that still using it to do some dental care.