The roof is a cover on a construction which protects the inside of the building from rain and snow. There is a flat roof shape and there are sloping. If you seek for a roofer in Bradford, then you can visit our website to find an experienced roofer.

A roof garden is a garden made on the roof of a building (can be a home or building). Development of dense urban areas with limited land and increase the awareness of the healthy and green environment, roof garden becomes an option.

What is the right waterproofing materials for roof garden system?
A waterproof system for your roof garden should not only able to hold water, but also impervious to attack the roots. Use Sika Sarnafil system to get a beautiful garden on your roof. Sika Sarnafil system has been certified by Atar FLL root resistance.

What benefit and excess of waterproofing membrane?
Waterproofing membrane system is generally produced in a factory, then from that, you will get it in size and a uniform thickness. Although in its application must be supervised, waterproofing membrane offers durability. Also, depends on its tear strength, waterproofing membrane has the ability to seal small cracks in your building.

There are some benefits from roof garden:
– Decorative,
– Availability of the plants that can be eaten (vegetables, fruits), also called rooftop farming.
– As the temperature control (roof garden serves as insulation and absorbing solar radiation and therefore reduces the temperature of the environment which ultimately lowers energy consumption)
– Hydrological benefits (roof garden limiting rainwater is wasted because it accommodated the soil / growing media and plants growing on the roof of the building), but it can serve as a controller the speed and number of water flow across the roof).
– Architectural beauty
– Recreation
– Even as wildlife habitat.